Who is a candidate for Implants?

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For patients who may be 60-70 years of age, typically two implants placed in the anterior mandible will be sufficient. Yes 4 is better but a minimum of 2 will retain bone in front of the jaw which will allow for long term support of the implant denture. If you don't think you have enough bone for implants, you most likely do. We can typically alter the jaw so that the height is lowered to where implants can fit, or we add bone by bone grafting.
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Maybe God gave us 2 sets of teeth! Man has the knowledge to give us a third set if you are able to meet a lot of criteria! Teeth are so important for our nutrition! I am. Leaning towards my new self and find great pleasure in my Lord!! He does not care if I am toothless as my heart remains full of Love and not Dentures! Keep Humor Close
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Implants can be expensive
In New York there   is a firm that seems to be the least expensive around
They charge $1,700 for an implant with Crown and abutment
Most other  dentists in New York charge at least $4,000 to $5,000 for the same
implant and crown and abutment.  This firm also does not charge for a consultation
with a panagram

Dental schools also charge much less 

 A trip  to Mexico or to Costa Rica    charge something like below:

Remember to carefully  Vet and investigate before you select an out of country Dentist
Of ours you should carefully Vet your Dentist in the USA also

 • Implants                       $900 USD

• Snap on Dentures        $580 USD

• Ball abutment                $150 USD

• Housing & O’Ring         $250 USD


If we make the math for the minimum amount mentioned before 1 single patient would end up in a cost of $7,660 considering this would be for upper and lower

 Some may need only upper or only lower which could make the price go down or could need more implants or worst case scenario, would require bone graft