Will I ever be able to eat a sandwich or bite a cookie again?

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I am only 2 weeks post-op for my extractions and immediate denture (upper only).  I have my lower teeth still, although I am missing the back 2 molars on each side.  The plan of action for my lower teeth is not 100% determined yet and they cannot be dealt with for a while due to costs, etc.

My question/concern/worry is this:

I am able to eat soft foods and can chew foods that are a little harder in the back of my mouth, but nothing too terribly hard yet...which I totally expected.  My fear/concern is that I cannot bite directly into anything with my front teeth...the denture immediately wants to pull and come out even with trying to bite a super soft piece of sandwich bread with peanut butter (not much) on it...

How long does it take to be able to eat normally again with things like biting into a sandwich, a burger, a slice of pizza, a cookie, or ????
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  • frustrated and worried

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Hi Scarlett, welcome to the site.  I have had my dentures for 8 weeks.  Top and bottom immediate/temporary dentures.  I can bite into something soft but the chewing is my problem.  My bottom plate rocks comes loose.  I have also found that trying to eat soft white bread it sticks to my top palate and is really hard to unstick.  I have heard that it does get easier.  My husband has top and bottom full dentures and he can eat lots more than I can.  He bites burgers and pizza, but he has had his dentures for a couple of years now.  Supposedly when I get my permanent dentures after all of the healing and shrinking is done, I'll be able to eat better, but it won't ever be the same as having my own teeth.  So until then I'll just think of it as a blessing because I am losing weight that I've needed to lose for years and I don't have tooth aches or sensitive teeth anymore.  Good Luck, I hope you have a better experience than I have.
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Scarlett, it is heart wrenching to hear what you're going through. If you have time to read through some of the success stories on our forum, it may help you getting through this difficult time. If you have any questions that we can help with, please do not hesitate to ask. Take care and do give us all updates on your situation. Thanks.
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I am 2 months next week full dentures I just want to eat a sandwich without cutting it. Whrn will i be able to bite into a sandwich or burger. 2 more months and i get my permanent dentures will it really msk5e a difference in eating. Usually by the 3rd bite lower dentures come loose im using polident gel is the powder better?
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the powder does nothing for bottom dentures.
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I am at 5 1/2 months full dentures and I still can’t bite into anything . It sucks to have to pull a sandwich apart to eat it or cut a burger into small pieces to eat a burger chewing is no problem. My dentist says that your not suppose to bite with your front teeth you use the sides and back I just can’t get the hang of it I want to bite into things like before.