Will a prosthodontist assess dentures made by another dental professional & make corrections?

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Will a prosthodontist assess dentures made by another dental professional and make corrections? My story-I have worn dentures for about 25 yrs and have had 2 sets in that time period. The last set had worn considerably so earlier this year I went to a regular dentist for new upper and lower dentures. In speaking with the staff of multiple dental offices, this dentist appeared to have the most experience making dentures. During my first visit the dentist and I discussed his experience and what I wanted in the look of my dentures. I thought he was a good choice so he made the dentures and did a very good job with how they looked. However, in the 3 mos I've had my new dentures, I've had sore spots which he fixed, something was rubbing and irritating the L side of my tongue which took multiple visits and adjustments to finally fix (15 to 20 visits since receiving the dentures), and through all of this I had a sore throat, which still continues to this day. The dentist and I are now at an impasse. He feels he has made adjustments to correct the sore throat issue and there is nothing more he can do. He wants me to see an oral maxillo surgeon. I feel there is nothing wrong with my mouth, that of course, it's the dentures since I only get a sore throat when I wear the new dentures. I am fine when they are out of my mouth. I have removed the new ones and worn my old ones on occasion just to get relief from the throat pain. My old dentures do not create a sore throat or any other pain. So I'll see the oral surgeon as he suggests although I don't feel it is necessary and cost is a factor. I would rather put my money toward the more practical solution of correcting the denture fit, if possible. So back to my original question: Will a prosthodontist assess dentures made by another dental professional and make corrections if necessary? The situation has really caused a great deal of frustration for me and disappointment that I cannot wear my new dentures without pain. Thanks so much for any help anyone might give.
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Hi Caryn. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting a second opinion, and I expect a prosthodontist in your area would be glad to assess the fit of your dentures, regardless of who made them for you. Best of luck, and let us know what you decide!
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I wonder if the sore throat is a reaction to the material the denture is made of?
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hmmm I read somewhere yesterday that the sore throat is the fault of the denture and if I recall correctly someone said that the lingual blah blah part of the denture is too long. I will see if I can find it for you. It seemed it was a simple enough fix. Perhaps something your dentist has not encountered before.
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OK, I found it: 


Scroll to the bottom where Don Di says: 
The lingual flanges posterially are too long. Ask your dental practitioner to shorten them.