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I am a 29 year old mom and wife. 2 weeks ago, I had 28 teeth removed and recieved a full set. I have always been self conscious, so I am having a hard time adjusting. Yes, having no more tooth aches & the only discomfort I am feeling is from the extractions is wonderful..I think I was ok until tonight when I was looking something up online about women who wear them, and saw comments people make, that the young girls that have them are addicts or were, they were ladys of thenight, etc. I was appalled! I am raising 3 girls, am married to an amazing man who still tells me I'm beautiful with the dentures out.
I feel like I made the right decision, I just can't get past the self conscious part. Anyone ever feel like this? What did you do to overcome it?
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Can definitely relate to how u r feeling. I'm devastated to have dentures but in time with both will adapt. Stay strong and be positive.
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Someone on here said it was like losing a limb & getting used to a prosthetic.. Quite a chunk of ppl have had dentures since they were children cos of various development /health issues, nothing to do with recreational drugs etc.. you'd never know they had dentures. Have a look on youtube there are ppl in their 20's making records of their denture journies..
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Mommydaze, it may be hard to believe, but thirty-three million people of all ages and walks of life have dentures as we speak! Think of it as starting a new phase of life with confidence and without pain. We are so glad that you decided to join us all on here. You will find expert advice on what to expect, advice on getting accustomed to dentures, and resources you can explore for additional information.

Don't get me wrong. Starting a life with dentures is full of “what ifs.” What if I’m with someone and I start pronouncing my words in a funny way? What if they notice something’s wrong with my teeth and can tell I’m wearing dentures? What if I leave my dinner plate untouched because I don’t think I can eat? What if I feel my dentures aren’t securely in place?

It may not happen right away, but as most members can tell you, you will learn to adjust and have a new found confidence. Look forward to an improved facial appearance and self-confidence as you learn to speak better, have the ability to chew most foods and so much more. Feel free to reach out with any questions and a big welcome to you!
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My niece had to get them at age 15 due to a genetic disorder that caused her teeth to crumble.There are lots of valid reasons for people to need them young. Hugs:))