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Photo of AliciaP
13 weeks and counting
Tuesday was my 13 week anniversary of having 18 pieces/parts/posts/teeth removed and immediate dentures put in - tops and bottoms. **...
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Photo of Mike
Extractions tommorrow
I am going in at 9am tomorrow for full extraction.  6 upper, 11 lower.  I am also having 2 upper implants put in and 2 lower.  I am 66 an...
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Photo of Ruidoso Bill
Well, guess I am finally done, been over six months now with the Permanent Dentures, just had an implant check up last Friday, all is goo...
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Photo of MindiLee
Today was the day! I was all the things, nervous, apprehensive, terrified. I had planned for every undignifying thing I could think of....
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Photo of Phyllis Kent
a happy lady
i was reading someone post and they said to clean dentures and put powder on put water on the powder not a lot but put some water let i...
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