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Photo of cheston
Has anyone done renew one day denture?
I had 17 extractions done back in Feb 19, immediate implants placed and temporary dentures top and bottom. There was quite a bit of infec...
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Photo of Dentureliving FAQDF
Is it normal?
I just got Dentures 8 days ago. After 3 days they were adjusted. Now after 5 more days thry're slipping all over the place, even when I d...
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Photo of ohmyword30
Aesthetic question
Okay, so I think I’ve mentioned before that I actually really like the shape, size and color of the new grill... what I don’t like is how...
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Photo of Ted
DinaBase 7
It's supposed to be like Cushion Grip and Cushion Correct. Price dropped by HALF since last year. I bought some to try from Germany. Whil...
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