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Photo of janet
After more than 8 long months, I had my implant supported dentures installed today.  When I got my teeth extracted back in September, my ...
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Photo of Jennie
Hello everyone, I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me. I had teeth pulled and had to get lower dentures, you'll walked...
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Photo of Maggs
Just had uppers removed
Apptnt was 9am and by  10.30am,  immediate denture put in, feels really strange and made me want to gag, but slowly getting used to it, s...
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Photo of TJ
1 Year Post Extractions
All, I've been away for a while and wanted to post a quick update. Just passed the year mark last week (I had forgotten, luckily Facebo...
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Photo of Marcia Johnson
Soft Reline
So I'm about a week and a half post extractions.  Dentures were feeling okay, lots of rubbing still and I'm not supposed to use adhesive ...
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