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Photo of Schelly
1 Month Update
Today is 1 month exactly since my molars and pre-molars were extracted.  The only consistent thing I've found is that love-hate relations...
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Photo of TJ
Finally got my In-N-Out!
First, its good to see all the new folks and stories that have popped up here in the last couple weeks in my absence.  I've been doing a ...
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Photo of Ken McKinnon
Five Weeks since E day, Pics!
Well, tomorrow is 5 Weeks since E day, and it's going really well.  I can chew, though nothing too tough.  No steak, can't bite into a me...
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Photo of Brian Suomi
Then and now
I know everyone has had issues with there dentures, I finally got my permanents , they fit perfect, no glue needed and I pretty much can ...
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Photo of Madison
Stitches out
Today is one week since my extractions. My dentist took the stitches out and said I'm healing remarkably well. He wants me to take the de...
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