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Photo of les
Update - Denturist
Ok. Here is my news... I seen the denturist. Yesterday morning. Took 2 sets of top dentures with me. It was actually a dental lab. I r...
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Photo of Marcia Johnson
Before and after
So here are my before and after pics.  My teeth didn't look that bad to begin with, all of my problems were beneath the gums at the bones...
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Photo of Melanie Baker
Thank u
I just had all top dentures put in past Monday I'm 5 days in. I just want to say THANK U to the people who made this site and all who ask...
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Photo of Spanky
Goldfish & Pretzle mix
I am of the few that waited 4 months from pulling all my teeth to getting permanent dentures.  I have found the need to have something CR...
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