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Photo of James Garrett
Dating With Dentures
Dating With Dentures can be a touchy subject! And to be honest it probably makes the lot of us nervous as anything, especially when it co...
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Photo of ohmyword30
3 week update
Hit the 3 week mark on Monday 7/8. Honestly from all the things I’ve read, I’m confident I’ve had it pretty easy. I made it through my fi...
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Photo of Lauren
It's been a while!
It's been 8 weeks (on the 12th) and things are great!  I am thankful that this has been an easy process for me so far.  I have been able ...
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Photo of Kristin Hardesty
Just breath....
Two years ago on a warm August night, I heard these words...Just breath! Why? I had just slammed my face straight down on the sidewalk af...
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Photo of charlid61
Olivafix Review
I ordered Olivafix on April17 and I received it on Friday. I opened the box and reviewed the 2 instruction sheets. This paste is applie...
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