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Photo of Jeff Donow
Denture Survey
We are conducting a paid survey looking for denture users to test out a new oral care product. It's a type of product that you already us...
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Photo of renata
Hello,I am new here.I am from Croatia. Last few month I spent searching for  some help or advice. I got extracted all my teeth,22 of them...
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Photo of Lucy Stetson
is there a way to get your bottoms to stay i have very little gum line so the fixit dent dont work everytime i get or drink they pop righ...
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Photo of charlie brown
Hey everyone
Just checking in. Got locked out of this account for a while. Honestly I have little news. I had a soft reline on 8/2 and still going. It...
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Photo of Lol
Klein fraud alert
I want to know if anybody else has had problems with this group the client group they are slandering me and my product now when they’re t...
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