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What are the steps to merge data with a shape file?

In the recent 101Q&A Webinar I gave the following list of steps of how to merge data with a shape file. I was asked to post this info and so here it is.

Steps to merge data with a shape file

1. Import your shape file
2. Delete unwanted shapes
3. Export your shapes to a csv file
4. Open the csv file
5. Change the property name of your key field ie zip code to EID and save the file
In your depiction delete the shapes
6. Re-import your CSV file of shapes
7. Open your spreadsheet of data that you wish to merge.
8. In our example we are saying the key field is Zip Code so in this file change the
name of the zip code field to EID.
9. Delete any other properties that aren’t of interest and then save that file
10. In your Depiction chose Add by File and chose your csv file
11. Select import by EID and then select Import – the data in this file will now be
merged with the data in the shape file based on zipcode
12. Now if you open a shape element you should see the data fields you just
imported and you can now colorize the shapes based on that field
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