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I’m confused and sad

I changed my work. I have to change all the positions inputs?

The positions of work on the profile are kinda wrong. I had everything ok there, but then I'm moving from a company to another, so I just put the END date on the last company and clicked to add another position and did it. But on the profile it just shows the positions by input order, other than show it by year.

I have seen that you answered a question already saying that the order should be from the newest to the oldest. I agree, but two things:
1 - it should be said with an introduction text on this area. Users are not supposed to know right? :)
2 - It doesn't make sense when you change your work and you have to move position by position down to add a newer at the top. It's smarter to take the years on database and show by them.

Thanks a lot! Love your site! Keep the good work!
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