Can I use your products in photoshpo templates that I resell?

First of all, thank you for making such amazing art, and sharing it! You are an amazing artist!

I create and sell photoshop templates for professional photographers to purchase and use to created flattened JPG images of their clients with.
I use a variety of brushes/patterns/textures/backgrounds/fonts created by wonderful designers and ones that I create myself. I have a Terms of Use/License file that I include with the package, and in there I always credit any designer that I have used (whether it is required or not), with a link back to their site where applicable. I do not include the brush/pattern/font in the download, but occasionally may have an imprint of it on a layer by itself (ex – a frame brush, an accent brush, a background with a pattern). Of course textures would be on a layer by themselves to accent a layer below. I would not include them on their own, however in a layer in the PSD files.

I would love to use your amazing art in my designs! I would like to ensure that I am not violating your terms of use, I will never include the actual brush/pattern/texture/font file in my download, and will always give credit in the terms of use. As the terms of use seems to always have a little grey area, I would rather get approval from you personally that just assume it ok. I know how much work is involved in being a designer, and I really appreciate the work that you do!

Please let me know if you are ok with me using your product in this manner. I sell online in various stores.

Thanks a lot!
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