• Photo Album Integration

    integrate photo albums from Picasa, Flickr, Facebook etc. Plus a personal Diaspora album would be cute too, yeah, why not? (2010-12-06)

    Tags: flickr, photos, pictures, albums, integration, picasa

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    • Absolutely! We need photo built-in albums in Diaspora. And then you should convince Steve to integrate Diaspora-sharing in iPhoto '11 :) (2011-01-13)
    • … with friends' pods to see pictures you appear in when feature will be offered) and other photo 'engine' (Gallery is a good one because you also own the data … (2011-03-07)
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  • Sectioned Photo Albums or Versions of our Profiles?

    … ? I'm a filmmaker/photographer who likes to upload photos of social events, as well as Professional work I've done. Or is it possible to have multiple versions of our profiles. Almost like layered … (2010-12-15)

    Tags: layered profiles, photo albums, photos, work and play, work, social profile, work profile

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    • … will be able to see the photos that have been uploaded into that aspect. Ergo - a sectioned photo album. To upload photos visible to all, either upload … (2010-12-27)
  • Please don't crop photos in share view

    … resizing crops the photo I share. Can't you set the height to some maximum and allow the width to float (with some necessary constraint)? Otherwise you have to click … (2010-11-29)

    Tags: photo, share, crop, resize

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    • I agree. My photo is also cropped to the top. We must be able to choose where to crop then... (2011-06-30)
    • Same point of view for me: a tiny photo is ok, if it is entirely visible :) (2011-09-29)
  • Mark people on photos

    Add the ability to make a frame around people's faces on uploaded photos. Like on Facebook or Twitpic. (2011-01-11)

    Tags: diaspora, photo tagging, photos

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    • yes, but if someone tags you in a photo, is it possible to choose which aspects the photo is visible in, or does everyone see it? (2011-01-31)
  • Adding photos to status updates doesn't work

    … it--but then clicking the "share" button doesn't perform any action. No photo is shown at any time, and the status update won't get sent. This is on Win7 64 … (2010-12-06)

    Tags: status photo upload

    · Acknowledged · 19 replies · 20
    • profile photo successfully uploaded today, using firefox (mac os). still can't upload photos … aspects function tried it in share with all aspects and individual ones none of them work. i see the upload progress but then no photo shows up. i wonder where all those photos are going … (2011-01-05)
  • Photo Rotation?

    I uploaded a photo to my profile and it needs to be rotated 90o clockwise. I cannot find a rotation option. Is there one? (2010-12-09)

    Tags: rotate, photo, picture, edit

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    • I uploaded a photo, and EXIF data was ignored (hence, the photo appeared sideways). (2010-12-16)
  • Why can't I delete pictures in "photos" section?

    Things like profile picture uploads for example, or just any other photos I uploaded in the past. (2011-04-08)

    Tags: photos, delete, pictures

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    • Usually photos are bound to posts. So if you delete a post, it should also delete the photo belonging to it. Or are you meaning the old profile-pictures? http://bugs.joindiaspora.com/issues/1007 (2011-04-09)
  • export photos>download photos

    I clicked on export Data>download photos and received the 500 error. (2011-02-12)

    Tags: download photo button

    · Acknowledged · 9 replies · 6
    • Hi Everyone, Currently the photo exporter isn't working. It's in the bug tracker and will be fixed eventually. Thanks for your patience. (2011-09-01)
  • photo description bug

    photo description don't work! there's an error, if you try to update: AND i didn't click on the delete-button! AND the description change works nevertheless after you reload the page. (2011-03-29)

    Tags: photo, description

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    • i don't get the described error but my photo describtion doesn't work, too! (2011-10-03)
  • can create photos albums

    put a lot of pics in an album whiwh can be rename and customize (2010-12-09)

    Tags: photo, album

    · 22 replies · 179
    • i think photo-albums MUST be implemented :) (2010-12-11)
    • Please get Product Managers of Google Picasa and iPhoto '11 on board and let them integrate the "DIASPORA"-photo sharing feature... (2011-01-13)
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