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I’m furious

Direct TV service sucks. So does Dish Network.

Yeah, no kidding DIRECTV service sucks. I contacted them to install HD service at my house because Dish Network, my former provider, would not perform an upgrade on my property because I have a cedar shake roof, which, by the way, is the only viable line of sight for the dish on my property. (I must add too that Dish Network had no problem installing the dish several years ago.) So I explained to DIRECTV over the phone, repeatedly, that I need a provider who will install on a cedar shake roof. They said, sure, no problem. I asked the question again several times more, just to be sure. The sales rep checked with his supervisor, who also confirmed that they do indeed install on roofs like mine. Two days before the schedule installation, I called DIRECTV AGAIN, just to confirm that they will install the dish on my roof, and that I did not want any surprises when the technician arrived. Again, I was assured that the installation would not be a problem. So, the technician shows up as scheduled. And guess what happened? He wouldn't do the installation! I let him know how furious I was. Then, my neighbor came out to talk with us and offered to allow the dish to be installed on his property; he gave his permission to do so. Again, the technician refused to comply, even though MY NEIGHBOR GAVE HIS PERMISSION. It became abundantly clear that the technician didn't want to install the dish ANYWHERE.

The point of this story is that there is a huge disconnect in communication between the home DIRECTV sales office and the installers. Clearly, the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing. There is simply no excuse for this lousy service. It cost me time, aggravation, and total loss in confidence in these companies. Of course they still charged my account for an installation that NEVER TOOK PLACE. And when I called to cancel the order, the representative had the balls to ask me if I would reconsider choosing DIRECTV, and to tell me that they do, indeed, install on cedar shake roofs. UNREAL!

The same complaint goes for Dish Network as well. Now I'm waiting to see if they will remove the existing dish from my roof, now that I have discontinued service with them. If they don't, they will be hearing from my attorney, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Better Business Bureau.

Epilogue of this story: I went with Comcast.
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