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I’m Very disappointed

No Signal From Dish

My grandmother Ruth Eickhorst account number 6045373 is no longer able to get a signal on her satellite dish. Her phone number is 317 422 4523. My phone number is 317 372 7095. We have followed all the trouble shooting steps with no luck. I called for her to see about getting a technician out to fix the dish or replace the receiver. However, David who I spoke with said there is no time available for a technician until 11/10/2008 between 8am and 12pm. This is more than a week a way and she also gets her local stations on the satellite. So, this means she will go a full 7 days without any tv and will miss the election coverage. I told David this is absolutely redidculous and you need more technicians. This is totally unacceptable for a service level. I can understand 24 - 72 hrs however 7 days total is way too long. I am asking anyone who can to please exedite this request for her. She is my grandmother and does not like to be without her TV. This is very upsetting for both her and I to be treated this way with no sense of urgency.
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    I, too, am having a issue with not receiving a signal. Mine is cold weather related, I called my installer and they told me the issue is the LNB modulator (something they have been having issues with, with other customers and it has to be replaced by a Direct TV technician. Direct TV telling me it will be more than two weeks before they can get a service technician here, and when someone gets here they have to look over everything and see if they can find a problem. I questioned "what happens when the weather is a bit warmer that day, and the issue is not occurring?" I was told they would have to find something broken to fix it. I switched from Comcast to Direct TV because of lousy customer service, who would have known it was going to get worse.
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