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Custom Profile Pages

I would love to be able to customize the different sections of the profile page. For example:

1. Photograph Rows - Make the top row of photos (i.e. Highest Rated Photographs) behave like the second row. In other words, give me the option to choose what should display there. Options could be:

- Show highest rated photographs
- Show most recent challenge entries
- Select photos from your portfolio
- Hide photos

2. Awards Box - Allow me to choose which awards to display. Options could be:

- Show your DPC awards
- Show your community awards
- Show all awards (DPC shown first, Oliver rule)
- Don't show anything

3. Statistics Box - Same thing. Options could be:

- Show stats
- Select which stats to display
- Hide stats

4. Favorites Box - Options could be:

- Show favorites
- Hide favorites

5. Portfolio Images - Options could be:

- Show portfolio images
- Hide portfolio images (basically making your portfolio function like the workshop folder).

6. Forums Box - Options could be:

- Show last X forum threads posted to (X is a value you can enter)
- Show watched forum threads only
- Hide forum threads

7. Status Box - Options could be:

- Show status
- Hide status

In all of these when you choose the hide option the entire box should disappear. So in other words, you should be able to hide everything on the page except for the User Profile box. This would allow users to go with a more minimal look for their profile page. For example, if a user wanted to show just a small selection of photos they could opt to use the bio section instead of the table row format.
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