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Rewarding risk-taking using score distributions

I find it interesting when a photo receives scores all over the scale....lots of 1's and lots of 10's on the same photo indicate vastly different evaluations, all emphatically expressed. What causes this reaction? Maybe a controversial subject, perhaps an esoteric meaning, maybe extreme stylings that are either loved or hated....for whatever reason, some people loved it, some people hated it.

I think that this varied reaction should be rewarded, because it is this type of varied reaction that stimulates discussion and so enhances our experience of art.

How do we calculate this? Standard deviation -- a number that indicates how spread out the distribution of scores is. The higher the number, the broader the distribution. For example, if all votes are 9, the standard deviation is 0. If half the votes are 1's and the rest 10's, standard deviation is higher than zero.

Standard deviation can be calculated using our current voting system...I'll say it again: no change to the voting system.

Conventionally, standard deviation is represented by the Greek letter Sigma. So, we can call it the Sigma Prize.

I think this is a winning idea. I hope you can see value in it because I think it's kind of exciting

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