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Of the 8 projection sources can now buy for analyzer, is there any data or info on which ones are better or have provided better projections vs. actual stats?
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi Brian - Starting next year we are going to offer the accuracy of all our sources based on projections vs actual.  That is very helpful to know.
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I was just about to eMail re this.

Would be a huge win. Moreover, it would be great to have some transparency around how the sources are weighted to arrive at the aggregate projections that are then used in the draft analyzer application. And from there, support for users to define custom weights and source exclusions (effectively allowing users to create custom models that can then be selected and used for one or more drafts).

Would be great to have accuracy in two dimensions - draft accuracy and regular season accuracy.

You can ignore the following - it might be blatantly obvious - just figured I would provide some "voice of the customer"...

At some point you are competing with Fantasy Pros (and others of similar ilk) but I tend to use them as a benchmark - and in my opinion your value prop could be that you provide a more attractive, easier to use front-end that surfaces better (more accurate) analytics and gives users who follow the model a better chance of winning, plus great customer service (which is just table stakes at this point). I would assume that the longer you are in the marketplace, the harder it is to generate incremental (and continued) subs based on novelty and hope and the more it comes down to who makes differentiated and better predictions over a full season. Assuming you can deliver on that, then it comes down to how much additional $ you can charge for that incremental edge. So I would focus on surfacing tools/modules/enhancements that (1) show users a great out-of-the-box model that generally works (and how well) and (2) allow more sophisticated users to explore prediction optimization in an intuitive way such that they can perhaps add a little extra edge by tilting towards or away from one or more sources based on personal preference.

Hope that is useful in some way.
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Just wanted to let you know you can currently weigh your projections in the Draft Analyzer under the General Manager Tab and can exclude any source that you own that you may not want included in your custom blend.

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That is very helpful Spot!  FantasyPros is our biggest competitor for sure.  We launched in 2004 and have seen many companies come and go, but FantasyPros has built a great brand and audience.  Unfortunately, they started by ripping off content from other expert sites to jump start their business, but it worked...for them and their users that got free (stolen) content.  They ripped off our name "Draft Analyzer" to help their SEO efforts.  If you look at their list of "Experts", it is a long list of unknowns.

Our real advantage over FantasyPros:
1) More accurate projections.  Compare our list to isn't even close.  We pick only the top names and we pay them well to get their projections in our software.  No other site has a list like we do.
2) Algorithms that optimize your entire roster. FantasyPros doesn't have any is a simple ranking list/cheat sheet.  But it is easy to use.
3) Personalize to your draft strategy.  Being able to target players or positions for all picks and let the algorithms optimize the rest is very powerful.  I am a Packer fan, so I love targeting Aaron Rodgers and building my team around that pick.
4) User interface.  The DA has far more information at your fingertips, but there is a learning curve.
5) Site sync options. I haven't seen what sites they sync with this summer, but our APIs with our partners and real-time draft/auction sync with the new Chrome Extension is likely much better.  I need to confirm that!
6) Customer support. We answer emails very quickly even during crunch time and late at night. We do phone or skype calls as often as possible to get new users up to speed.  Our message board is very active.

Love your post, thoughts and feedback!  Thank you Spot.

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Is the accuracy of your sources added as promised? If so where can it be found?