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I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a clever way to use the existing Draft Analyzer capabilities to mark tiers (by position) in a way that's visually apparent while drafting?

Using the VBD and VBD drop in values helps accomplish a similar purpose of knowing when you're near the end of a tier within a position, but it's often helpful to be able to see how many players are left in the current tier as well.

thanks for any ideas!
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi Lee - Thank you for the post and idea.  We have tried to incorporate Tiers a couple of different ways including color coding the player tiles so you could visually see where the Tiers where based on how light or dark the color tiles were.  That got a little hard to look at with all the different shades.  We may be able to put a dotted line in between the player tiles to signify a different Tier.

Another thing we ran into was that people wanted to tier players differently and usually had strong feelings about which players should be in which tiers...and they ended up asking for refunds because they disagreed with the Tiers.

I like Tiers a lot and think they can be valuable (although not nearly as valuable as the Optimal Team Engine algorithms that take into account the drops in player values plus a lot more...for every pick you have).  We are always looking to enhance the software based on user feedback, so thank you for the idea and post.  Hopefully others will chip in with their thoughts on Tiers.
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I would like the ability to do tiers as well.  Dotted lines between two player cards that you can add, remove, and shift yourself and then save would be ideal for me.  Either that or being able to add them to custom data .csv imports.
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We can add Tiers back in for next year.

Automated Tiers - Easy to add. The software determines the tiers based on the largest gaps in value between players at a position.  You can't customize them, so they are recalculated every time the app is updated.

Custom Tiers - Tricky, but doable.  We need to understand exactly what your needs are so we can create the proper "rules" of how custom tiers should work:

Primary question: Once you set your custom tiers, those are set in stone until you change them or reset them.  If you set the tiers a week ahead of time, what happens if the players projections change slightly or dramatically before your draft?

1) What happens if a player in Tier 2 goes on IR after you save your custom tiers but before you draft? Would you be responsible for changing the players in that Tier?
2) What happens if that player just gets his projections lowered slightly, but just enough to drop him into the next tier?
3) What if the player rankings are slightly different than how you would set your tiers?  For example, you want WR32 in the 5th tier but WR30 in the 6th tier.

Would love your feedback on those, because I would love to bring Positional Tiers back...but want to make sure it meets your needs and is super intuitive to customize/save/edit/reset/etc.

Thank you!