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Lineup Analyzer suggests I pick up Aaron Rodgers of f the waiver wire. Great suggestion, but clearly not possible.

About a week ago, the Lineup Analyzer started suggesting players to pick up on the waiver wires who are unavailable in my league. People like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Larry Fitzgerald, etc. What happened here? How do I get the Lineup Analyzer to recognize what players are on other teams so I can get real help in deciding how I might improve my team. (A team that is 0-4 by the way, even after I used your premium draft analyzer package with the complete analytical package plus the lineup analyzer tool). Clearly your program isn't working out for me in that capacity but I realize nothing is guaranteed when predicting future results so I'm not laying blame on you for my lousy team. However, I think next year I will actually do my own research or ask the local zoo if I can borrow a monkey to draft for me since either method could do no worse. Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I would like some actual useful functionality out of this program for the rest of the year since I paid for it, so if you could help me in getting the lineup analyzer to suggest actual waiver wire pick up possibilities, I would greatly appreciate it.

By the way, my league drafted through ESPN, although it is actually run through Yahoo. The commissioner manually added the draft results into Yahoo after the draft so there is no way of synching lineups with ESPN since many trades and free agent pickups have happened and the draft results are now mostly irrelevant.
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