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Photo of Jaremy
ESPN draft stopped syncing
So last night turned in to a rather frustrating experience. My ESPN draft started off syncing just fine for the first 2 rounds, but then ...
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Photo of Mike Manno
Product never works
Product crashed multiple times during draft. Team knows this because they have a note in the interface.  What use is asking for support ...
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Photo of Joe Wilson
I must be doing something wrong. I have synced my Yahoo league with draft analyzer - #11469. I started a draft using draft hero and had t...
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Photo of Mike Cooper
Fantasy Guru Projections Wrong
Software works great but even though I am using Fantasy Guru projections mid draft Miami always comes up as the recommended defense even ...
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Photo of Demaryius Targaryen
Offense Bonuses
If my league has bonuses for rushing or receiving TDs over 40 yards, do I need to set both the 40-49 and 50+ fields with a value?
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