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Photo of FRW
Draft Order
Hi there, I'm new to draft analyzer so this question might have been answered already. I just can't find the answer. We are doing a serpe...
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Photo of MikeC55
2019 availability
Hi.  When will Draft Analyzer be available for the 2019-20 NFL season?  I used the DA to do several "mock" drafts in 2018 and it was grea...
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Photo of Oklems
New Draft Hero
Not sure about the rankings with this new layout...? I have done a few and all of them have picked Eli manning and joe flacco within the ...
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Photo of Bryce
Can't sync to ESPN
I'm trying to do some mock drafts and the chrome extension is not working in the lobby or in the draft. I've removed the extension and ad...
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Photo of Meat Mitch
quick question
I have been doing a lot of ESPN draft mocks and following every pick with the analyzer - my question is after following the guidance, whe...
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Photo of Dinh
Changing Auction Plan Values
I play a keeper league and put in the keeper values. When I load up the auction analyzer, it says I exceeded my budget for QB and TE and ...
  • Dinh, 2 months ago

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