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Disappearing wine

Hello, I just added a 24th wine to my cellar. I have saved it and it appears in my cellar and then when I come back into the app it is gone. I have saved it a couple times and it keeps disappearing. Any ideas? Thx
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  • Brad (Official Rep) October 28, 2011 01:59
    Hi Don -

    You are the second person to report this behavior after our release a few weeks ago. We are looking into it and would appreciate your help.

    Could you do me a favor and try to replicate this exact behavior, doing the following:

    - note the exact time you save the wine
    - in the private tasting note field, please put a note in like "this is for you drync guys"
    - email your drync account information ie. email you used to register your drync account to us at

    That would be super helpful. Thanks in advance.

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