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Callback and webhook notification sent wrong transaction Id, off by one

I sent money from my personal account (P) to my organization account (O) via the offsite gateway.

Something that surprised me is that apparently two transaction IDs represent every transaction. If I login to the dwolla interface, the organization shows that transaction id is 1346647. If I login with my personal account, the transaction id is 1346648. This seems funky, but I could live with it.
Let me restate who got which id:
O (organization) - 1346647
P (personal) - 1346648

The problem is that the callback and webhook notifications sent to O reference the Id as 1346648. If O's web application uses OAuth to get details of transaction with Id 1346648, it gets an error "Transaction not found for account." Now if I manually tell OAuth to use 1346647 instead (which I only know by logging into O's account via web browser) it works as expected.

Here's O's callback data:
array (
'Amount' => 1,
'OrderId' => '11902',
'Status' => 'Completed',
'Error' => NULL,
'TransactionId' => 1346648,
'CheckoutId' => redacted
'Signature' => redacted
'TestMode' => 'false',
'ClearingDate' => '9/13/2012 6:29:19 AM',

O's view from the web browser:

P's view from the web browser:
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