New API Feature - Send Money Directly From a Bank or CU

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Send Money Directly From a Bank or CU via the Dwolla REST API announced here:

If you're already sending money with the Dwolla REST API & want to add this option for your users have at it by getting OAuth access tokens with access to their funding sources :

Add 'Funding' scope to your API credentials -

Add the 'Funding' scope to your access token requests -
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Posted 3 years ago

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This is awesome! Thank you Dwolla!

The next thing I would like to accomplish through your API is a "headless eWallet". Meaning, I would like to do everything through the API and keep the user in my app 100% of the time by using Dwolla's API.

For example:
1. User registers in my app
2. My app calls your API to register a Dwolla account for them.
3. Through my PCI DSS compliant app, user can add their bank account to their Dwolla account through the API and confirm the micro deposits through the API to finalize the bank account setup.
4. User can send/receive real-time payments

From what I can see, everything is possible through the API but #3. I will use Dwolla for ALL my apps if it were possible to add bank accounts through the API. You can lock down that API call and only open it up to merchants that qualify and have a PCI DSS compliant system.

What do you think?
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Darrin Dowell

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So no Dwolla account is required for the recipient and now I can send money to a
destinationId that isn't Dwolla, Facebook, Twitter, Email, or Phone?

So can I send money to a customer using their credentials at a bank's website?
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@Darrin Dowell: We can only work off Dwolla, Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Phone IDs. So, you'll need to have one of those in order to have us send money to someone...
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Darrin Dowell

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My question was based on this statement I saw in a Dwolla post:

4.The recipient (destinationId) of the funds can be almost any common type of online identity (no Dwolla account needed!)

So it doesn't mean you can any identity (like a proprietary id), but you can use non-Dwolla types like Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Phone?
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Correct. That statement merely meant that we've integrated some of the most commonly used online identities' APIs (FB, Twitter, Foursquare) into our system.

Proprietary IDs aren't something we can interact with, which means we can't really send anything to those.
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I am guessing there's no way to accomplish this with the "button" payment method right? I think that would be really helpful.

How about with offsite gateway?

I had assumed Dwolla would auto-fund payments and this step wouldn't be necessary - but I guess there must be a problem with that.