I’m bored of your lack of response

@easyjet can we have our EU261/2004 compensation please

Your online customer service system is not working, therefore I will deal more openly with you.

We are requesting the statutory EU261/2004 compensation for 2 people at 250 Euros each please.

If this is not resolved in the next 5 working days we will give you 5 working days written notice of our intention to take you to court to reclaim the money through moneyclaim.gov.uk. This will incur my standard admin charge of £50 and the normal £25 fee on top of the normal claim.

Andrew at your press.office@easyjet.com email address was quite helpful in turning over your refusal to pay the hotel costs and arrange the alternative flight refund when your normal customer service system/process became useless. He will have details of our case. I would give you further details but I can't login to your site.

I'll tweet @easyjet and @easyjetcare from @tobyparkins until you resolve this issue so that people can keep track of progress of this claim.
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