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Easyjet broke my laptop after forcing me to put it into hold luggage. How do I claim

When boarding a busy Easyjet flight with permitted size hand luggage containing two laptops, I was told that there was no more room for cabin luggage and it must be placed (free of charge) in the hold. When I told them I had two laptops in the bag I was told I could remove one only and carry it with me onto the plane but as only one item of hand luggage was allowed, the other laptop must remain in the bag for the hold.

When I arrived at Gatwick, I checked the laptop that had travelled in the hold and the screen had been cracked. I reported it immediately and was given a ref number and told to log on to to further my claim but this site requires logon details that I dont have and only seems to deal with the case which wasn't damaged.

Where do I go from here?
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