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How do i keep format when set TextEditBox to Table.cellValues

When I set a TextEditBox to the value of a Table.cell i have the problem that i loose the format.


Text in the Table Cell:
"GnRaiser\, \nnew Linie"

Tabel -> TextEditBox:
"GnRaiser,&nbsp;< br>new&nbsp;Linie"

Tabel -> TextBox -> TextEditBox:
new Linie"

I have no Idea way all my Spaces in the text were transformed to "nbsp;" when i get the value of the cell direkt.
If i first but the cell to a TextBox and then put the TextBox.text to the TextEditBox it works perfekt.

I also tried to put the cell.value first in to a String but this also didn't worked. What do i to wrong? Or is the step over the TextBox the only way?
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