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Selective DHTML and PDF output options

Add option to allow the user to selectively export pages in either the DHTML output or a PDF output.

1) Simulation/DHTML output:

Currently, the DHTML exports ALL screens in a plot. If the plot is not fully interactive and the appropriate screens linked, the DHTML export will not work correctly.

If I know that pages 3-6 are fully working and only want to show those, there should be an option to allow me to export only those pages.

Use Case:

I will sometimes create interactive simulations for specific screens within a plot and would like to only export these screens. Such an option would allow me only to export what I need to export and make the overall export content smaller.

2) PDF output:

Use Case:

I often use ForeUI to do quick as well as high-fidelity screen mockups of UI and workflows and then export them into a PDF deck. Having the option to selectively export specific pages in a plot as a PDF will save me time later in Acrobat in removing unnecessary pages.

How would this work?

I suggest adding a Modal upon export that displays all plot pages in a tree. By default, all pages will be checked but the user can elect to uncheck the pages they will to exclude from the output.

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