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eBay iPhone Changes for version 2.2

Dear eBay for iPhone community,

I wanted to let everyone know about the changes that are included in this new eBay for iPhone 2.2 release. We have reverted to the previous version of My eBay. We read your reviews, GetSatisfaction comments, and Tweets and heard you. You prefer the old way. For those of you who prefer the new layout, we are making this change. Also know that we are continuing to work on a solution that will work for for all and through that process we will be conducting usability testing to ensure we get it right.

Here is a list of the changes we made:
1. We returned to the list view version of My eBay
2. We removed the menu screen for My eBay
3. We reduced the number of recent items on the home screen from six to three
4. We moved the member profile button back to the home screen
5. Sign out has been returned to the member profile screen
6. We changed the saved search list to most recently created first. (We are looking at a way to have this list be sortable.)

I'd like everyone to know that we totally appreciate all the feedback we get. We read it all and we consider it all. We thank you for your passion and your continued use of the app.

Also look for many new features and improvements to both the buying and selling experience coming soon. And as always, please keep letting us know what features you'd like to see here on GetSatisfaction.

Here is a link to download:

Thank you,

David Beach
Director of Product Management, eBay Mobile