I’m frustrated

Palm Treo 755p and mobileweb.ebay.com

I have a Palm Treo 755p for Sprint. Upon the last disconnect of services, for which was restored, I can't get into eBay Mobile any more. This is the message I get:


The eBay mobile web site is currently unabailable. If you would like to continue using the old experience click 'here".

You can also "try again" or visit the "classic site".
(the quoted is, of course, links)

This has been this way for 2mo yet I can go to mobileweb.ebay.com both on my computer, my wife's old phone, and any other phone I've checked. I "flushed" the cache, reset my phone (many, many times), and just about anything else I could think of. I'm running the last known Palm OS, everything is updated. I can log on to the "other" older versions but they pale in comparison to mobileweb.ebay.com. Can you help? I'm missing some of the greatest deals around.

Mr. LaGaspa McDougle
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