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I’m desperate

When on slow data connection app becomes unusable


I live in the countryside, where 3G and WiFi are the stuff dreams are made of. Most of the time I'm on a GPRS (o) connection, perhaps EDGE (E) at best.

In these circumstances the eBay mobile app is all but unusable due to it refreshing its data feeds every chance it gets. Each data feed refresh on GPRS takes upwards of 30 seconds if you have a handful saved searches and a watch list with a dozen or so items on it. During this time the app is unusable: searches will not come back, items cannot be viewed, and so on.

Waiting 30 seconds or a minute as a one off would not be so bad, but the app refreshes its data all the time - even without the user requesting it. Relaunch the app after checking a text message - data refreshed; delete an item from your watch list - data refreshed; I could go on.

So, I would like to request that when connected to GPRS/3G that the data refresh only be done when the user asks for it to be done: "pull to refresh". This would be the easiest way of solving the problem high technology country bumpkins like myself have. :)

At a higher level, I'd like all data refreshes to be more concise - only refreshing the data that needs to be refreshed. But that's a much more difficult problem.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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