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24H vs AM/PM - delete of existing countdowns - will only work after restart

Re: Countdown X

1) Why on earth cant one not switch off the AM/PM and get a regular 24H setting?
2) After updating to the new 'Countdown X' it deleted all my existing countdowns, NOT cool..
3) I had to restart, to get it to work, otherwise it just 00 00 00 00, and (i) didnt work..

back to the work shop, and that 24H issue we shouldnt have to ask for! think outside your cubical, most people in the world uses a 24H day and not the medieval 2x12H..

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  • Countdown X 1.3 (released this week) automatically detects what clock the user's system is running and adjusts the preferences accordingly.

    Issues 2 & 3 are problems with Dashboard's widget caching mechanism. I'm hoping Apple will address these issues in a future OS X update.

    The use of a 12 hour clock actually dates back to the Mesopotamian era - so I believe would be more accurately described as `archaic`. True historians can feel free to correct.. :-) My source after all is:
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