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How to pay?

I am a homeschooling mom. I just downloaded Itooch elementary app for my kids,but it doesn't let me purchase full version. It says my device doesn't support the payment. What can I do to purchase the level I want?
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    I’m puzzled
    Jerome (Product designer) April 04, 2012 12:10
    Dear Yana,

    First of all, please apologize us for the delay of our answer, all GetSatisfaction notifications were wrongly filtered as spam by our mail server, so we weren't aware of your question until today!

    We have never encountered such an issue, I don't know if we can be of any help (we use standard Apple App Store provisionning APIs).

    If you still encounter the issue, could you please send us a screenshot with the alert message, so that I can ask the IT guys to investiguate the case?
    (to make a screenshot: press the Stand By (top of the iDevice) and Home buttons at the same time. Just press them. Press, not hold. You should see for a second a white screen and hear the sound of a camera. Now go to Photos and you should see your screenshot under a folder called “Saved Photos.” And that’s all there is to it.)


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