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Photo of SamanthaS
Customising Templates
I really think it would be awesome for Administrators to be able to make templates for certain jobs. For example, with us, Branding or We...
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Photo of MandyM
Recurring tasks
I seen the last response in January of 2014 that there were NOT options to set up recurring tasks. Is that still true and we cannot make...
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Photo of Ted NovakTN
Trying to cancel before trial end.
Unable to cancel trial. I am currently in a trial and can't seem to have it cancelled. I have emailed as instructed multiple times and th...
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Photo of BreeB
Problems with Resource/Calendar
Hi, we are new to Copper and I have a few questions about the resource calendar. 1. I have allocated a resource to a task which has b...
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Photo of AlysseA
Billable vs. non-billable time
Has a better way to track billable vs. non-billable time been developed yet? Also, is there better support options out there to thoroug...
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