I’m happy

4.3.0 release out now for hosted and license customers

4.3.0 has just been rolled out to the hosted accounts, and is available to download for licensed customers.

This release fixes/adds the following:
- Brand new task drag and drop in project view
- Preparation for updated Files drag and drop
- Removed Save&Continue from task update (confusing!)
- Improved embedded URLs in task descriptions and task comments
- Fixed special character rendering
- Fixed Calendar bug where forms wouldn't show after saving availability
- Fixed bugs where blank page would appear on save
- Fixed issue to ensure users with client access are auto added to project access.
- Fixed issue with non-us customers logging time with the Stopwatch and Copper not using their local time.
- Fixed Logo size description in Settings > Appearance
- Added versioning info to source (view source to see your Copper version)
- New users have Projects module as default module
- New installation docs for self-hosted customers

Note that IE8 is a terrible browser, and will not render the drag and drop tasks in all their glory. Use Firefox or Chrome or Safari if you wish to use drag and drop for tasks.

More to come guys, keep up the feedback, and refer more people to Copper, the more we have the more we can develop the new features in store :)

If you're a customer and would like early access to these builds, please let us know via info@copperproject.com