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Photo of Je Ma
License Terms are FRAUD.
The software is a filter to pass on your data cloned onto Third Parties. The licence you agreed upon you installed the software is contr...
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Photo of James Mikelis
gmail with imap?
I'd like to use Gmail with IMAP so that email will get deleted in Mallstore when I delete them in Gmail. This doesn't appear to be possib...
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Photo of Gibrod
Hi, I try to archive from an Roundcube based webmail server with IMAP, but it's failed with  error: "A request to send or receive data w...
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Photo of Damfino
Delete Confirmation
From what I can tell, there is no option to bypass the Delete Confirmation window...correct? Would be nice to have the option to delete ...
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Photo of EdinSa
lost data - whole year
I use MailStore Home for 3 years. I've never had a problem until recently when I lost a whole year in the mails. I have e-mails in the pe...
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