Crashed on 1st startup requiring hard reset.

Just purchased the iMockup for IPad app today and upon first launching it , it froze my iPad.Got a dialogue box saying because it did not close it would display a blank project. Clicking on the ok button in the box did nothing. I had to do a hard reset! Not a good experience. Please advise on how I get my money back.
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  • Hi Calmeredith,

    Thank you for reporting this issue and we are very sorry you had a bad first experience using iMockups. :(

    It shouldn't have froze your iPad and by clicking OK after the prompt should have allowed you to continue using iMockups. We apologize again and will look into this issue.

    We hope you would give iMockups another chance, but if you are still unhappy, we will gladly to refund your money. However, you will have contact Apple as they handle the refund process.

    This link will walk you through the refund process:

    Best regards,
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