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I’m Annoyed and disappointed.

I paid for PRO, now you want me to pay for "Premium" too?

I paid for the Endomondo PRO Android app to unlock the features you offered at the time and now you've just taken a load of those features on the website away saying I have to pay for Premium as well.

This is poor form.

I thought I had paid for these features - I went PRO at the time in order to unlock these but now you seek to charge me and many long-standing users extra for things I believe I already paid for. I suggest this is likely to annoy many people.

By all means offer us new features for subscription, I note you have included some interesting new features that I might be willing to pay for, but taking away things we already had and paid to get is bad play.

Personal bests development has been taken away.
Weather information has been taken away.
Workout comparison is new and would be useful and I might pay for it.
Peer benchmark is new and I might pay for it.

Thank you.
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