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The National Bike Challenge manual

(details among questions below)

Official rules
– duration, points system, prizes and awards, teams, etc. can be found here:

Frequently asked questions

Video guides
Overview – local and national site, leaderboard, prizes, toolkit, summary, medallions, comments, news
Joining – how to join a challenge and create or join an existing team
Leaderboard – how to view results for different categories: riders, teams, workplaces, communities, states
Logging miles – how to log miles and edit commute settings
Change your profile – how to change password, name, weight, privacy setting, etc.

Can I log my "May miles" in June ("July miles" in August)?
Such miles will be visible on your profile but it will not earn any points to National Bike Challenge. Points are counted for each month separately at midnight (according to the timezone you have entered in the settings) the last day of a particular month.

How to edit team?
When you are on a Home page of the National Bike Challenge, click on a team you have joined, and then on “See profile on Endomondo” on the right side. From this page you will be able to share on Facebook and other communities, invite other people to join the team or you can leave the team.
If you are a team captain, you can also edit the name of a team, select a new captain or remove any of a team members from the team.

Can I be on two teams at the same time?
You can a member of only one team within this challenge.

We are more than 10 people in our company. What to do?
There cannot be more than 10 riders in one team, sorry.

Can we (re) enter our team from last year or do we need to create a new one?
You have to create a new team.

How to search for a team nearby?
Access leaderboard – communities and see the list of teams within this area.

Is there a way to see who is on the team before you join?
Yes, just enter the name of a team in a search box (upper right corner) on

How to contact the captain of other teams?
The only way is to comment on his/her workout.

How do I change/edit my workplace (university)?
When you are on the Home page, click on your name in upper right corner, select Change Settings link on the right side and you will be taken to the page where you can edit your workplace.

Why are my miles not included in team miles?
Make sure your team has “All sports” selected instead of just Cycling, transport or sport or Mountain-biking.

My area/city is not on the list?
Just enter the zip code and you will be automatically added in a particular community.

Does cycling, transportation and cycling, sport and mountain biking count in the competition?
Yes, all 3 sports are included in a total distance logged and total calories burned. However, only Cycling transportation is taken into calculation of total CO2 saved and total dollars saved.

I have missed the start of the challenge, can I still join?
You can join anytime during the challenge: May 1 – August 31. Prizes will be awarded based upon the total number of Challenge points you have accumulated by the end of each month.

How do we register as a community?
Communities (areas around big cities) are predetermined by zip code.

How often is the scoreboard updated?
Once every few minutes, but a delay can occur if there is a lot of traffic on the website.

How are the ‘dollars saved’ calculated?
It is quite an elaborated formula taking into account:
maintenance, tires, depreciation, fuel efficiency, gas price (regularly updated)...

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