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Auto Pause - how does it work?

Auto Pause is a feature that will detect when you are standing still, so that the Endomondo app only track your workout when you are moving.

This can be useful when stopping at a traffic light or likewise, so your average speed and total duration doesn’t get affected by the breaks.

This is how it works. When the Endomondo app detects you haven’t moved for 5 seconds the workout will be paused and once you move again the workout will be resumed.

The feature is available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phone 7.

It is only recommended to use Auto Pause for sports where you move faster than 8 mph / 13 km/h.

OBS: If you experience issues with the Auto Pause feature, it might be due to GPS issues. Please try to disable GPS in the phone, reboot the phone, and enable the GPS again, as this will refresh the satellite information the GPS receives. The Auto Pause feature can also have trouble detecting when you are moving or standing still in areas with tall buildings or other obstacles that can block the satellite signal.
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