SCAT - Additional Manifest Changes

SCAT has decided to go with the original (normal) size manifest instead of the legal one we developed. Here are the additional changes they would like to that version:

1) It is very important that the entire address shows up without being cut off. When we looked at it on their data it appeared the current version was accomplishing this. Once the updates are made I will find the longest address in their database and see if it fits. (this may not need to be changed, just to remind me to test).

2) They would like the client's birth date re-added by the Client Name.

3) They would like the Program added (in with the box for Fare).

4) They would like the day of the week for the manifest added into the footer next to the date the manifest is for.

5) In the top area where they currently have two rows of Beg Odom, etc. they would like two additional sets each for their drivers to track Vehicle Beg Time and Vehicle End Time.

6) They are using the comments area heavily and would like these to be in bold so they stand out to the drivers more.
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