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I’m annoyed

Add ability to mute topics in the "concerned mostly about" stats page

I wish there was a way to turn off reporting on certain of these "concerned about" keywords, (Essentially a "I don't care about this topic that much" link button, maybe concisely "don't report this topic anymore.")

I'm a spiritual guy (or maybe I swear a lot), so there's always going to be some mention of "Jesus" in there somewhere, every day. This stat is currently useless to me because I'd rather see what's most different about today compared to any other day.

A fancier way of dealing with this would be to do a "statistically improbable" words analysis. Cut out topics that has been number 1 over the lifetime of posts, but that will probably have other unintended consequences that are harder to deal with.

The fact that I see every entry gets tagged "Religion" EVERY FREAKIN DAY actually makes me want to arbitrarily avoid keywords that might get it flagged for "Religion" and it breaks my flow.
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