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I’m intrigued

Disable delete / backspace with a checkbox on writing page

This might seem like a weird request, but I'd like to be able disable delete / backspace on the writing page with a checkbox. I might even just try coding this up with Greasemonkey / Jetpack to intercept the keystroke in the textarea and see what I think.

See, I've written Morning Pages in a moleskine in the past, using a pen. The thing about writing in pen is that there are no edits, only additions to the page. The only way to really affect something I've already written is to cross it out, so having that constraint in mind makes me spend a little more thought about what I'm about to commit to the page before I do so.

And, oddly enough, it's also gotten me to a point where I feel better about just spewing because there's no going back. Sometimes I cross-out and sometimes I misspel, and that's okay.

But, not everyone will like that, thus a checkbox on the writing page
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