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Pay for the website with advertisements, not patron donations

Buster, it's great that you built this site from scratch and you run it basically for free, but instead of asking for donations from other equally impecunious writers wouldn't it make sense to start running advertisements? I have the same problem with Duotrope, another resource for writers that continues to petition for money from their users even as their philosophy dictates that all money should flow from publisher --> writer instead of writer --> publisher.

I don't need 750 Words and Duotrope. If these sites were to make me start paying or shut down, I wouldn't care. I would continue to write morning pages on legal pads like I always do and I would still have my submissions tracker in a word document like I always have, and I would lose nothing except some fun and useful features that encourage me to write and submit.

The users on this site are not artists' patrons, they are artists. I seriously would not mind seeing advertisements that paid for this website in the sidebars when I logged in. 92% of us are clearly not foolish enough to pay for the dubious privilege of giving you comments or following other users, so start paying for the website like most other websites pay for themselves: with advertisements.
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