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I’m silly

The REAL Housewives of Marion County, Illinois

Chelsea did a piece last night on Real Housewives of New Jersey...Tonight, she stated that wanted to see REAL housewives...I've got it!
Come to Southern Illinois, Marion County, to be exact-I can show you real housewives...The one addicted to meth, the one who needs to get a GED, but can't spell GED, the one who sponges off of her Railroad Engineer husband, but got evicted from their home because she drove by the Casino Queen on the ST Louis riverfront & lost the rent, AND my personal favorite-me & my best friend Michelle-My only redeeming quality is my 44DD's & my bubbling, sparkling, freakin' personality. Michelle is super-fun, but has a touch of the darkside to her.....Your skit on the jersey wives compared to real wives here in Southern Illinois would make them look like the Windsor Royal Family!!! It's too funny!
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