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Round 4 - Most Voted
Here are the currently highest voted lab submissions, with my control score. I'm just posting these up now, so then I can measure after...
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Puzzle Sorting
Wondering if we could add filters to the puzzles page. Two main ones which I think would be useful, a) One to sort for unsolved. Tha...
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Chatbox not connecting...
All of a sudden, my chatbox isn't working. It stays on connecting... Firefox is my default, tried IE and Chrome as well. Tried restar...
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Comparative Best Lab Solutions
Ok, well I am still testing this theory, but thought I might as well release it since I'm not sure how much longer it will be useful for....
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Synthesis Score Summary
Here is a table of all the synthesis scores so far for One Bulge Cross
  • Berex NZ, 9 years ago

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