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Eterna game quest
New idea for quest based structure of the game. Mat sent me a chat log from a discussion that Brourd and Adrien. Brourd and Mat have b...
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hi, i've been playing eterna for like a month whith no problem and two days ago it told me that i need a plugin. I don't know wich one. p...
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New puzzle progression
UPDATE: Now that the site is now live, please continue discussion at the new feedback topic so we can make sure to keep things clean and ...
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GetSat Tasks for Admins
I'm going through and doing what I can as a champion manager, but there's still some things that the admins need to take care of. They wi...
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Side by side target/natural mode
Would it be possible to construct a puzzle page where the natural state and the target state are shown side by side?  Then, when a beginn...
  • whbob, 4 years ago

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